Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Low Cost Activities For Kids: Making Memories For Memorial Day

Juice up your Memorial Day weekend and your parenting with fun and easy crafts for kids from pre-school age up to late elementary from Better Homes & Gardens.  If you can get past the annoying subscription pop up ads, you'll find a wealth of simple, fun crafts that will get everyone's creative juices flowing.

Suite 101 has some Memorial Day craft ideas for the holiday as well.

This is a touching and sweet idea, use face paint to make military tattoos to either honor loved ones in service or explore the art of military tattoos. Here is a great write up on the artistic themes and motifs found in military tattoos. Once, you've had a little tattoo art history lesson, have kids draw their tattoo design first on paper and then help them recreate it on their body with face paint.

If you are tight on cash and time, make macaroni necklaces, but paint the macaroni with patriotic colors.

The Parent Juice family is going to be out of town the rest of the week, so posting will be light, however, we are developing a great biological science activity for you and your kids. Check back next week and learn how you can have a blast with the ants in your driveway.

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