Saturday, July 10, 2010

Free Activities for Kids: 5 Things to Do Today with Your Kids

Here are five simple and fun activities for kids that take minimal preparation and set up--perfect for summer's slower pace.

1.Watch the clouds while laying on a blanket and eating a popcicle.

2. Do the Hokey Pokey. Seriously. Just do it. Here's a video with music to get you started.

Now do it again!

3.Balance a ping pong ball on a spoon. Put a ping pong (or similar) ball on a spoon and see who can carry it the longest without dropping the ball. Create an obstacle course if you're feeling really ambitious.

4. Play 'What am I?'  This is a fun guessing game that works critical thinking skills. Adjust the clues accordingly for age. Here's an example.

I am small.
I have wings.
I'm red and black.
I'm a real lady.
What am I?

5.Play I Spy with flashlights in the dark. This is best done at night, but a dim room would work too. Use flashlights as pointers. Kids love to play with flashlights! We do this a lot at bedtime and there's no more complaining about having to got to bed--they can't wait to turn on their flashlights.

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