Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toddler Activities for Fall

Here are our plans for Fall fun this year.

1. Pick apples and make homemade apple sauce. Mmmm can't wait for this one!

2. Rent a pontoon boat at our nearby national park and see the Fall foliage on water.

3. Decorate our dining room table for Fall using pumpkins and other seasonal goodies. (We didn't have a real dining room for the last few years and just finished a big home remodeling project to create one, so this is a Big Deal for us.)

4. Take the dogs to the same park as #2 for a walk and a swim.

5. Visit our favorite pumpkin farm and binge on pumpkin donuts.

6. Our toddler is starting preschool!

7.And dance class!

What are you doing with your family as the seasons change? I would love some more ideas!

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