Thursday, September 23, 2010


I know everyone is in Fall mode---it seems like all the craft, mommy etc... blogs are talking about apples.

But we haven't even bothered with apple picking here.

Not when raspberry season goes until Halloween.

Picking your own raspberries is the most cost effective way to buy raspberries and it doesn't take too long to pick 3 quarts. I can do it in about an hour.

Our toddler eats her weight in raspberries and is covered in red smears by the end. So it's a perfect way to spend a morning--her cramming the berries into her mouth as fast as she can and me picking. We also get to see bees (who don't care about us, they are drunk on raspberries), butterflies and spiders.

Check out the u-pick websites to see if anyone is growing raspberries in your area. We use ours in banana raspberry muffins and raspberry freezer jam. They can be frozen whole as well.

I always tell my toddler that when it is very cold outside and it seems like the snow will never end, we can remember summer by eating raspberries.

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